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Welcome to the official website of Lana Dealessi. Lana is a mixture of Italian and British descent. a model Specialising in Lingerie and Cinematic Glamour. Having studied filmschool and directing in London she gave another dimension to her exclusive releases as a busty glamourmodel, taking a creative role in all of the glamour shoots she performs.

Lana Dealessi

About me

Lana is known for her dreamstate like imagery boasting a colourful experience at the same time. Here you will find exclusive photos and videos in a style where seduction and romance will spin the mind. A blue-eyed beauty with classical features reminiscing of the pinups from the past, but yet representing the amazing future of glamour.


About me

Unreleased footage from Lana Dealessi her Classic Boudoir Shoot

A lot of my work to date has been a mix of classic beauty and Glamour and im looking for work with creative and talented photograhers with fresh and exciting ideas. Please do not contact me in regards to topless or nude i don't do them :) Thanks